Business cooperation

Delari has more than 15 cooperation partners where we strive to build strong, collaborative partnerships that drive mutual success. At Delari, we believe that partnerships are key to achieving business goals and creating long-term value for our customers.

Nivel System

  • Nivel System is a Polish brand that stands for high quality of measuring instruments and accessories.


  • 911 Signal is a Chinese brand which dedicated to serving customers globally with excellent-quality emergency vehicle warning solutions and control systems.


  • Huepar is a quality-oriented and innovation-oriented brand of One-Stop for advanced tools Solutions.


  • Firecore is a Chinese brand with high performance manufacting processes and cost breakdown product tailored.


  • Zonery is a Chinese brand which established in 2007, a national level high-tech world-renowned enterprise specialized in smart microgrid integrated solutions.a consulting firm that provides management and strategy consulting services


  • Philips is a focused leader company in health technology.


  • Smartwares is an expert company in the field of security and lighting.


  • BS systems is specialist for mobility and packaging systems.


  • LAMY is one of the leading German manufacturers of writing implements and sells its products all over the world.


  • KINZO is a renowned quality brand with wide assortment of (electrical) tools.




  • Poolstar is a company creates products embracing best-in-class technologies and features for all its categories at competitive prices: sizes, power, colours, materials, etc.


  • SIBOASI is the most leading company in the world to create intelligent sports equipment.


Our business partners are an essential part of our ecosystem, providing complementary products, services, and expertise that enhance our offerings and help us better serve our customers. We work closely with our partners to develop innovative solutions that address customer needs and create new opportunities for growth.

At Delari, we understand the importance of trust, transparency, and communication in building successful partnerships. We value our partners’ unique strengths and perspectives, and we are committed to creating an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

Whether you are a technology company, a service provider, or a business consultancy, we are always open to exploring new cooprate opportunities that align with our values and strategic objectives. We believe that by working together, we can create innovative solutions that drive value for our customers and accelerate our growth.

Thank you for considering Delari as your business partner. We look forward to exploring partnership opportunities with you and building a successful and enduring relationship.